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Rekindling self and soul in nature.


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September 15-18

Nature Cure Retreat


With all the advances in connectivity and instant conveniences of modern life at our fingertips, our way of being in the world has shifted. In one swipe or click, we can connect with 753 friends. In a quick scroll, we can vicariously tag along “to see” New Zealand or “comfort” a grieving friend in Ireland with a hug emoji. And yet somehow, many of us feel more emptiness, not less; we feel a hole as though something is missing in our lives. Somehow all of these opportunities for sparkling connection have not imparted deeper connection, often they’ve left us feeling greater disconnect. The false glimmer that time and space no longer separate us from one another, masks a loss of depth with one another, with nature, and with our own inner-world. Our concrete jungles and windowless office cubicles further isolate us from the potent presence of the natural landscape that can shelter, restore, and even heal us. In the words of John O’Donohue, “It is one of the tragedies of modern culture that we have lost touch with these primal thresholds of nature. The urbanization of modern life has succeeded in exiling us from this fecund kindship with our mother earth.” And yet, many of us are not in touch with the gravity of this loss.

Location – lost river State Park, WV

Get lost in nature with a getaway in one of Lost River State Park’s 26 cabins. The park’s quiet 3,934 acres of woods provide a secluded retreat for nature lovers. Lost River is known for its Cranny Crow overlook on top of Big Ridge

retreat hosts

Dr. Jenn Schuppe

naturopathic doctor

Dr. Dave Hamilton

naturopathic doctor

What we do

Our Services

nature immersion

You will be guided in various experience to help you connect with the environment and yourself, this includes nature walks and herb identification. 

Plant based menu

Food will be plant based, locally sourced, and served homestyle.  Recipes will be shared and some of the meal preparation will be done as a group.


We have reserved the cabin 11 which can accommodate up to 8 people

Break-out sessions


What Drives Us

Our Mission

Reconnecting by disconnecting…we want to inspire and empower you to seek your inner self through nature. 

Get Involved

When was the last time you wandered amongst the oak giants of the forest? When did you last wiggle your toes in the dirt or stare up at the bejeweled, night-sky in wonder, without the drama of city light pollution interrupting the dance? When did you last curl up alongside the silence of stone and feel strangely protected?

Perhaps, it is time to dream a way back to belonging to your own soul. Perhaps, it is time to reconnect with the dreaming soul of the earth. Join us for an understated, rustic retreat in the forest, where quiet, soulful introspection alongside the plants will guide and inspire us all to reconnect with our first mother.


Upcoming Events

Sept 15-18 - Lost River SP, WV

Led by nature-inspired healers, David Hamilton and Jenn Schuppe, (NDs) you will meet up at a cabin in the woods for a few days. While exploring the Vis Medicatrix Naturae with presence, you will find time to reconnect with the healing power of your own soul..


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